T-paita, jossa Bachin kuva
Bach – t-shirt
Bach – t-shirt
Bach – t-shirt

Bach – t-shirt

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To make some noise about our 10th anniversary, we have released a collection of limited edition t-shirts and tote bags that draw their inspiration from 1980s and 1990s band t-shirts. Our designs celebrate the mega stars of classical music.

In Jouni “Jones” Lehtonen’s portrait, Johann Sebastian Bach is re-imagined through a 1990s hip hop aesthetic. For his day-job, Lehtonen creates promotional images and visuals for some of Finland’s top rap artists. The idea for the t-shirt came to him quickly as a result. According to “Jones” the classic fonts and imagery associated with the hip hop scene are a perfect fit with Bach:

“I wanted the t-shirt to bring these two very different worlds together in a way that would have credibility in both the hip hop and classical music fan circles. What I want is to make people smile every time they pull one on. Negotiating these polar opposites was great, and the creative process was absolutely fascinating.”

Our t-shirts are sustainably produced by Pure Waste using 100% recycled materials. Please note that the t-shirts are unisex but come in male sizing.

Jouni "Jones" Lehtonen:


Instagram: @jounijoneslehtonen